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The BURT is a trail running event that harkens back to the days when trail and ultra running was a niche sport for peculiar people who liked testing their limits. We offer distances of 55 kilometers, 110 kilometers, and 100(ish) miles. This event focuses on community, shared experience, and a love of the trails – largely without the accouterments of modern endurance events.



  • Start and finish at a “finish tree”

  • Contribute snacks to aid stations

  • Often volunteer to mark and/or sweep the course

  • Compete to win - sure - but focus on working together to get everyone “across the tree”


The BURT course is a 55 kilometer loop that links up Bainbridge Island’s best public (and some private) trail networks. Each year, the BURT committee looks to unlock new trail connectors – making each year’s BURT better than the last. And the BURT always takes place in February. The weather should be atrocious, but we always seem to hit a (frustratingly) perfect reprieve.

Join us at the 2024 edition of the BURT! Have some fun. Support the trails. And join our community of peculiar people who like testing their limits.

Our Sponsors


The BURT 100 is proud to be partnered with and supported by the Bainbridge Island Parks & Trails Foundation.

The cost to register for the BURT is a donation which goes directly to the Bainbridge Island Parks & Trails Foundation. The Bainbridge Island Parks & Trails Foundation is the community leader in the expansion of our public trails. From their behind-the-scenes work acquiring new trails easements, to coordinating the efforts of local agencies and advocates, the Foundation is a dynamic and effective force in planning, funding, building and maintaining trails island-wide. They are the nexus from which island trails multiply, grow and thrive. Your donations to the Foundation through the BURT race make this work possible.

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